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Predator: Concrete Jungle

Predator: Concrete Jungle is an action adventure video game released in 2005 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox consoles. In the game the player controls a disgraced Predator who must regain his honor by killing the humans who have stolen his technology. The game is named after a Dark Horse Comic series of the same title.


The game opens in 1930 in New Way City. The player controls a Predatorwho stalks and kills mob boss Bruno Borgia and members of his gang who are at war with the Irish Mob. Bruno's wife Isabella shoots the Predator in the eye, causing his blood to splatter on her and her baby son Hunter Borgia. The Predator makes a hasty escape, leaving behind some of his equipment. As he attempts to reach his ship he is incapacitated by an explosion, and sets off the ship's self-destruct sequence but fails to kill himself. Shamed by defeat and having exposed his race to the humans, the Predator is exiled by his clan to a planet inhabited by deadly alien creatures.

One hundred years later, the Predator, now called Scarface, is offered a chance for redemption: Bruno's descendants have been using Predator technology derived from Scarface's abandoned equipment in New Way City, now known as Neonopolis, against other mobs and Predators. The warring mob factions all pay tribute to Lucretia Borgia, daughter of Hunter and granddaughter of Bruno. Scarface battles the various factions in order to recover the Predator technology. As the player progresses through the game the story and setting occasionally switch between the years 2030 and 1930, revisiting Scarface's hunting of Bruno.

Eventually it is revealed that MOTHER, the computer controlling Neonopolis, is actually Isabella who, along with her son, have aged slowly and been kept alive by Scarface's blood. Hunter has been kidnapping and experimenting on Predators and himself, using their genetic data to become a hybrid of human and Predator. Scarface destroys Isabella's tank, killing her while an aggravated Hunter kills Lucretia. Lucretia's ronin guards sacrifice themselves to avenge her and assist Scarface in a final battle against Hunter, with Scarface eventually emerging the victor and taking Hunter's head as a trophy. Scarface is then recovered by his clan on a ship. Later, Lucretia is turned into a cyborg by the recently-merged weyland and Yutani corporations, and becomes the new MOTHER computer controlling Neonopolis.