Red Heat

Red Heat

Red Heat is a 1988 Buddy Cop Film directed by Walter Hill. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger , as Moscow Narc Ivan Danko, and James Belushi, as Chicago detective Art Ridžić.thumb|300px|right

PLOT Captain Ivan Danko of the Moscow Militia sets a trap for Viktor Rostavili, a Georgian drug kingpin and crime lord. The ambush severely backfires; Viktor flees the Soviet Union and comes to the USA, after gunning down several other Moscow cops, including Danko's partner.

Loudmouthed Chicago Police department Detective-Sergeant Art Ridžić, investigates several local murders committed by Viktor's cartel. When Viktor is arrested in Chicago, Danko is despatched to escort him back to Moscow to face justice in the Soviet Union. Unexpectedly, Danko and Ridžić find themselves partnered together when Viktor escapes custody, gunning down Ridžić's partner in the process. Danko is frustrated when his lack of a diplomatic license prohibits him from carrying a weapon. He shares his candid observations with Ridžić: "This Chicago is very strange city. Your crime is organized, but your police is not."

Danko and Ridzik pursue Viktor and his henchmen around Chicago. Finally, Danko and Viktor commandeer a couple of Greyhound buses, then engage in a high-speed chase...until Viktor is side-slammed by a train. He takes on Danko in a running, Texas-style shootout (Danko uses a smith and wessel model 29 .44 Magnum given to him by Ridžić); Viktor is gunned down. Danko returns to Moscow after exchanging wristwatches with Ridžić as an act of goodwill.